Integrated Provincial Online Database

(i-POD) was created as a tool to give public access to government information and data relevant to transparency and opennesss



Integrated Socio-Economic Profile System (iSEPS) a digitized socio-economic profile that provides up-to date provincial information and statistical data


Provincial Government of South Cotabato – Open Data Portal (PGSC-ODP) a online databank of all public information from the different departments and offices of the provincial government


Legislative Information Tacking System (LITS) a digital database for provincial ordinances and other related legislations.

Infradev Live

InfraDev Live provides near real-time access to project monitoring results with the use of the Open Data Kit (ODK)


Procurement Data System (PDS) a online platform for all public procurement information and data

About Us

The Integrated Provincial Online Database

A supply-and-demand driven online database, the Integrated Provincial Online Database (iPOD) aims to increase inclusivity in public access to statistical data by harnessing technology for enhanced transparency. It shall serve as the Central Provincial Online Database that will link into one platform six portals:

  • Interactive Socio-Economic Profile System (iSEPS) that will be a supply-driven system that captures sectoral data pertaining to demographics, economic, social, environment/DRR-CCA and institutional development for ready use of individuals/researchers/schools, communities and organizations.
  • Provincial Government Programs and Services Portal where programs and services of provincial departments shall be made available.
  • Procurement Data System that houses all procurement data with analytics and visualization.
  • Mining Information Portal where all data on the small-scale mining activities of the province shall be accessed.
  • Legislative Information Tracking System that will feature a database with query functions on all provincial legislations.
  • Infrastructure Monitoring System Using ODK that allows the Provincial Project Monitoring Committee to monitor locally-funded projects using any Android device and post monitoring results near-real-time giving users access to automated analytics, data visualizations and maps.

The South Cotabato – Open Government Partnership

The Open Government Partnership is a multilateral initiative that aims to secure concrete commitments from governments to promote transparency, empower citizens, fight corruption, and harness new technologies to strengthen governance. In the spirit of multi-stakeholder collaboration, OGP is overseen by a Steering Committee including representatives of governments and civil society organizations.

One of its programs, the Open Government Partnership (OGP) Local program, is an initiative that recognizes and supports the role that municipal, city, metropolitan, state, regional, and provincial entities play in advancing open government, due to their close proximity to citizens and the crucial public services they provide. OGP launched a Subnational Pilot in 2016, with 15 pioneering subnational governments submitting and implementing their first Action Plans 2016-2017.

On April 2018, among the many local government units in the world, South Cotabato was chosen to be among the five (5) new additional members, bringing the total OGP Local Participants to 20.

The OGP Local program aims to harness the innovation and momentum demonstrated by local governments and civil society partners across the world. OGP is a platform for these governments and civil society to come together to make their governments more open, inclusive and responsive, modeling the values and principles of the Open Government Declaration and processes.


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